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About Mid-Ohio Generators

Over the past 12 years, Mid-Ohio Generators has installed over 2000 generators and like many of those generators we have installed, we are still going strong. We understand that you may not be sure you need a stand-by home generator. There are many benefits of having a home generator that ultimately make your home a safe place during a power outage. Here are just a few.

Benefits of Having a Home Generator

  • Health / Communication – TVs and computers
  • Sump Pump Operation – Avoid household flooding
  • Food Supply Protection – Keep your refrigerator and freezer running
  • Home Comfort and Convenience – Keep your home warm or cool, having lights, garage door still opens and closes
  • Medical Support – Keep your home medical devices working
  • Home Office Support – Keep your business up and running

All of these benefits lead to Peace of Mind for you and your family.

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